Old Photos

Look what we found!

A box of old negatives dating from 1920 to 1955. No reference material! We’re going to scan them all for viewing, and then there is one or two that we’ll need to make some prints for, so we’ll do a bit more work on those.


This is how the images were scanned in. The original photographer didn’t get the exposures correct (it was very difficult in those days!) So when we scan them in we have to make sure to correct for exposure. This is alot easier to do with Film scans, as there actually is a lot of detail hiding in the shadows or highlights of those  negatives!

As you can tell here.


And here we have a sharpened cropped and corrected image! Notice the shadows are a little lighter, the image is more even, and the faces are a bit easier to define!

this is a basic recovery of an old image. We can do even more work with broken or damaged photos or negatives. We can reprint on modern paper, rag paper or canvas; and in many cases give a better representation of the original image then there previously was!

Contact us for more info if you have any questions! Merry Xmas!



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