Assisting and Contracting

Wolfprints Photography has many years of experience; both in our own practices and as assistants and sub-contractors. We are willing to work with other professionals to make their lives easier and smoother.

If you have need of an extra body for a shoot, a VAL (Voice Activated Lightstand), or a customer service rep for a event, or any other service necessitating another employee, but where you might not have the workflow or client base to hire someone full time. We are here to fill that need.

Contact us with your project requirements, and we will work with you to cover your needs.

Pricing is based on Day and Half day rates. Travel outside our home area could be an additional expense.

Wolfprints will never solicit your clients or volunteer any aspects of your contracts with us. We have a Non-Disclosure and Exclusivity contract that we sign with every assisting and sub-contract client. We are there for you.